22 Mar 2011

NATUR / Live Evil

A documentary has been made about the band Natur, they used some of my images for stills online...here's the link to see the doc: http://www.noisey.com/?region=UK#!/photos/318 
it's pretty funny.
Here are some pics from the doc, plus some others.


24K said...

Love tha girl with no eyes, sexy.

I made a music video for one of my anti-banker songs at the London protest. You can see me singing infront of riot police HERE

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THE LIFER said...

i m just knowing this blog and it's so beautiful many cool pictures hehe greetings from brazil

Inspector Clouseau said...

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Alethea Pape said...

I Love your work! My fav is the dude with long brown hair, holding a beverage, looking off camera.